Is your family recently blessed with a new life adding to the number of family members? Whoever it is whether it’s a sibling, a nephew, niece, grandchild, best friend’s kid, God child or anyone else, this article is for people who are not parents but is blessed with the presence of a little one in the house.

It may not be your child but when a new member is added to your family you have great responsibilities that is only second to that of their parents to look after and nurture the child with love and care. Parents can’t do everything alone and they need the support of family and friends as much as possible. We can’t shrug off our duties towards the little one and their parents simply because we are not their parents. We may not have given birth to them but they are part of our family hence our very own responsibility to protect and nurture.

When we hear that one of our family members have given birth to a child what is it we do? Yes, we run to the hospital as soon as possible simply out of joy. But we must be very careful when we go see the newborn and hold the newborn. Their necks can’t support them much till some time and their joints are really fragile as well. We must first ask them about how to do it properly (if it’s your first time) and the nurses will probably be able to brief you on how to do it well.

Also when we run to the hospital we must be aware of the germs we carry with us (the germs from the subway, bus, public toilet etc.) and it would be really ideal if you could use hand sanitizer before you cradle the baby or go anywhere close to him/ her. It is the same for your house too. The little ones will like to lick anything in their path without discrimination and it is up to you to keep a clean house so that the germ intake can be to a bare minimum.

You must baby-proof the house. Always lock away dangerous chemicals and objects in a place where they can’t reach. The household utensils, kitchen equipment, electronic devices and the gadgets should be kept well out of their reach. Keep them well away from electric switches and sockets and make sure to remove sharp objects from their path.

If you already have gotten your basic first aid certificate in Melbourne and have participated in many other short courses.

Then it won’t be a bad idea to go for a first aid refresher course that is offered by licensed institutions. You may know a lot but there are a lot more to learn and there is always room for improvement. Technically if someone is in a life threatening situation there is only one chance you get to save their lives. If you blow that chance then there is nothing left except for regret.

You can’t just walk in to the store and buy a kid from the shelf and hand him/her over to their parents. There are no replacements so you must be very careful about how you handle a little one.