Transporting heavy goods is really a necessity for the current busy industry and market. Meeting the demands compel industries to transport heavy goods to different jobs. But this job is never easy. Transporting heavy goods requires training and preparation.

Any car or driver cannot do the job. Even if you hire or appoint a proper vehicle with trained and experienced driver, there is no surety that all will be correct. Vehicles with heavy goods fall prey to accidents and even these can be quite fatal causing harm to people and also the goods. It is really necessary to have proper preparation. One of the ways to ensure security is by getting a pilot car on hire and semi truck ramps hire.

Pilot car:

A pilot car is basically a guiding car and is also called an escort car. The name itself indicates that it works as the car that escorts the heavy haulage car to safety. But this job is also not easy. Only an experienced driver of reputed pilot vehicle hire services can do the job. The driver of the goods carrier will depend on the guidance of the pilot car for driving on the road. A little fault of the pilot car driver can give nasty turns to the whole thing. It is necessary that you hire a properly trained driver for guiding the vehicle.

Job of a pilot vehicle:

Hiring the pilot car is really tough. Quite a few qualities are needed for the purpose. A pilot car must be in proper condition so that it can run log ways without falling prey to any breakdown. This is necessary because with the breakdown of the pilot car the heavy haulage vehicle will also stop to run. It will cause delay in the whole process. A faulty car can never be an escort car. There must be a radio transmitter to communicate properly. Having a fire extinguisher is a must as this vehicle is in charge of the main vehicle’s security. A pilot car must contain a sign that would alert all other drivers of the coming oversized loaded car.