Getting your visiting cards done properly is very important after all it is one way of representing yourself or the employees that are working under you to potential clients, suppliers and business partners. So here are a few tips that you should take into consideration when designing such cards.

Pick a printer
before getting down to any designing details you need to pick out who will be a good printer. Do your research before and find someone who and do the job well to the budget of the company. To craft business cards the first thing to do will be to go over the past work of the printers and see if you like what they have done. Then see the payment conditions and the payment plans and see if they are aligned with what you are looking for. Look for printers that can do more than just print you should be able fin d someone that can do designing and editing as well.

The size and color
Having someone to design this for you is a good idea but you should also have clear understanding about how to make this successful. The size and color are the first things to consider here. There are standard sizes for this like 1039 x 697 pixels. Therefore before deciding on a size get advice from your printer about what is best. When comes to picking the color it is always best to use the same colors as the company brand. Avoid putting the body text in different colors. Bright colors are a good technique to stand out but it’s not always the best idea. Get a few options first and then choose and color theme that you like.

Bleed area
If your background color is not white then this an important fact to keep in mind in order to custom car stickers well. This is simply to highlight an area around the document with the same color of the background in order to avoid white border strips on the edge. Also you should avoid using border because it can go out of line when printing. Finally you should make sure that the text is readable and that you have included all the important details. A good looking well designed card is not enough for the card to be affective. The details on it need to be right and accurate. You need to give information about who you are, how to contact you, where to look to get more information about you, the company and the product/service.