Red carpet wouldn’t be complete without paparazzi. It’s all about who is the worst and best dressed. But even if your shoes and gown don’t match, you’ll be able to pull it off if you are somebody. Anybody could be somebody in a red-carpet themed event. Add to that if you’re going to give the welcome address or give a speech, you should stand out and cut above the rest.  Expecting a baby is every wife and husband’s dream. It is life-changing and finally you become parents and it is a brand-new test. Baby showers are celebrated as a form of family bonding also. You invite your baby’s godparents, relatives and your individual families. A new member of the family can’t go unnoticed because it’s another bundle of joy for everyone. Baby showers can be hosted without the absence of the following: 

Bright Invites
 Put the word out by sending DIY invitations. Save money by making use of old beads, glitters and art materials. Possess the creativity of a 7-year-old kid. And if you are going to do just that, don’t be too wordy and formal with your invitation. Set a theme and budget in mind to have your materials in control.

 Throw in games
 A baby shower would just be toasting and eating if there are no games. You could ask your guests to bring their baby pictures and have them tied to a string hung across the room. Instigate a guessing game and take note of who has the greatest number of guesses. The couple could play “would I rather” or “never have I never” with a baby. Like in a birthday venue and games, play “bring me” tokens for the baby. 

Make your hands dirty
 Host a playdate for your guests in activating baby shower venues melbourne cbd. This is bonding time of parents and babies. Have them recreate the most useful invention through food. Children are put to the test on whether they’ll have their thinking bulbs on or gulp down the food. There could be finger painting for a bib-designing contest. 

Customize the food
 Ask your catering service to produce mini-sized versions of gourmet dishes. Order colorful cakes and cookies for everyone to munch on like a toddler. Finger foods is a convenient choice to lessen the workload. Guests and relatives can seat everywhere they like without worrying too much about leaving stains. But practically, also stock on the normal-size dishes because a baby shower party is no room for a diet.